Cambodian Solar Energy Market Survey

Cambodian Solar Energy Market Survey by Bicosyn (HK) Energy Technology Co. Ltd

On July 7th, 2013, three representatives of our company spent one week in Cambodia for solar energy market survey. By investigation on site, it was found that Cambodia is seriously short of power supply, but it has sufficient solar energy. There will have a big market for solar energy power generating in Cambodia. 


Vietnam Market Development

In May 2013, our Salespersons and Technicians spent a full week in Vietnam to investigate the electricity utilization and electricity policies locally. This visit enhanced our cooperation on Vietnam project and established the foundation for us to develop Vietnam market. 

German Market Survey by Sales Director

On September 2012, our Sales Director visited Germany to perform a market survey on PV energy storage. He visited several solar energy power generating plants and system integrators and learned about the relevant policies of Solar energy in Germany, which is very helpful for our product promotion and sales in German market.

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