1、Excellent safety performance

Bicosyn production of lithium iron phosphate battery can easily pass tests including highly simulated test, high low temperature cycle test, vibration test, impact test and short-circuit test, impact test, overcharge test, self discharge test, needle safety test and the like.

2、Good storage performance

Bicosyn lithium iron phosphate battery storage with superior performance and the self discharge rate is about 2%, the capacity recovery rate is more than 98%. High temperature storage conditions, also has a good capacity to maintain strength and resilience.

3、Excellent discharge performance

In room temperature, the discharge capacity of 20C is of over 95% of that discharged by1C. Besides, the cell maximum temperature rise less than +20℃.

4、The superior cycle performance

After experiencing 3000 cycles, the capacity of Bicosyn lithium iron phosphate battery will maintain at a nominal capacity of 75% or over.

5、Wide Operating Temperature Range

Bicosyn lithium iron phosphate battery possesses excellent performance when its operated in low temperature:operating temperature range: -20~+60℃;Storage temperature range: -40~+60 ℃;The discharge capacity in -20 ℃low temperature is over 70% of that in +25 ℃;The discharge capacity in +60 ℃ is 98% of that in +25 ℃.